ten Breathtaking Wall Murals for Winter Time

There is no time like winter to carry out experiments in your home’s décor.  We spend many hrs indoors, contemplating about Christmas, then passing to New Year’s Eve, and finally going through vague reflections on the finish of the freezing climate. So why not dedicate this time to some unconventional make-overs which will bring this wintry aura inside your house, producing it cozy and elegant at the exact same time?!

wintery wall murals

You don’t have to fill your home with thousands of Christmas decorations to obtain a impressive result. It’s enough to accentuate 1 specific wall with an eye-catching motif, be it anything typically festive or basically magical, to completely alter the environment of the room.

With each other with PIXERS we have prepared some great examples of wall murals that will support you prepare your home (and thoughts) for the winter season 2013/2014. All of them share the very same feature: they are decorated with great motifs and colours — from white, by way of turquoise, to deep blues. And the principal benefit of these wall murals is that they can be easily removed and transferred: they are adhesive and reusable, so your wall won’t endure when it’s time to consider them off.

Forest Wall Murals – Get Lost in Your personal Space

forest wall murals - birch Modern hallway. 3d render.

For those hunting for some thing really magnificent, we propose a  more “natural” answer – a forest on the wall. Such motifs will optically enlarge the area and develop the impression of becoming outside, with the concurrent feeling of comfort and safety. Utilized in the bedroom or the residing space, these murals will create an practically fairy-tale ambiance. There are 2 possibilities to select from the black & white birch forest and the minimalist turquoise variety. This class of wall murals provides an extraordinary “wow!” effect, so you can be sure that your visitors will be surprised by the perspective it produces on your wall.

Sky on Wall for Daydreamers

full moon wall mural birds and trees wall mural

One more choice to bring nature into your space requires going for wall murals that showcase the sky and the clouds. If you are keen on daydreaming, this approach will allow you to go beyond the box of your area. Comparable to wall murals with forests, these choices will also trick the eye into seeing the area as a lot more spacious – getting the “sky” on the wall is just like opening a huge window to the globe.

Glacial Blue & Turquoise Motifs

iceberg glacial wall mural geometric turquoise wall mural

Once more, we stand towards conventional vacation decor ideas. The colours commonly associated with winter residence décor are warm reds and greens. In spite of that, we want to present you that icy hues of blue and turquoise can be also appropriate. Even much more, we consider this is a excellent different for individuals who are lucky to dwell on the warmer side of our planet. You can create a geometric winter landscape on your wall or give it a far more fashionable “ocean depths” effect with an iceberg wall mural. Stick it to the wall and think about that you are Jacques Cousteau!

Dear Deers for Eternal Youngsters

beautiful deer wall mural deer wall mural above the fireplace

Deer, a symbol of gentleness, unconditional enjoy and kindness, are the focus of a motif that has grow to be undeniably common. These majestic creatures remain lovely in each form and design, and they are captivating as a wall mural theme. What’s much more, the deer motif is often linked with Christmas and its magical atmosphere. This gracious animal will shine brilliantly in all varieties of interiors and, absolutely, will deliver you some very good vibes (not only during the cold days of winter).

Charming Wolfs in Grey & White

blue eyes wolf wall mural

Other animals that enchant with their charm and nonetheless search good in a wintry arrangement: wolves. A macro photography of a wolf’s head with spectacular blue eyes can practically hypnotize you. So why not go for it in the bedroom or the living space? But be mindful not to overcrowd the room with other add-ons, as wolves can be quite a focal point.

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