Talking Photo-Encaustics, Art And Interiors With Theresa Stirling [Part 1]

It is not very typically that we have an chance to consider a peek into the mind of a celebrated artist whose operates are causing a stir in the planet of residence style. Theresa Stirling is a identify that you will hear a whole lot more of in the many years to come as her exceptional and at times, haunting, artwork pieces leave you mesmerized. Decoist has had the privilege of speaking with Theresa just lately and here is an incredible insight not just into the globe of encaustic painting, but also a reflection of the artists amazing personality, reliance and her capacity to flip passion into inventive brilliance! Read More

The Strikingly Stunning Convito Table by Formabilio

Dining tables are no longer what they utilized to be – utilitarian pieces that provide nothing in terms of type. They are trendy and can dictate the look of a room. They come in conventional, transitional, and modern designs and give dining rooms a homely environment. Convito is a modern dining table for the contemporary property. It boasts a natural finish and will include a pleasant accent to your dining space. It exhibits the lasting nature of wood and its aptitude to mix very easily into any setting. Read More

Glittery Estate in California Revealing a Questionable Neoclassical Identity

architecture massive estate Glittery Estate in California Revealing a Questionable Neoclassical Identity
Extreme luxury looks to be even a lot more appreciated when joined by a theme. In the case of this glittery estate in Glendale’s University Hills community, California, USA, the owners opted for a “custom neoclassical type”, with columns and statues spread all through. The enormous white bastion comes with 6 bedrooms, four.five bathrooms, an art gallery, sauna, pool and a striking interior style. 950 Avonoak Terrace (this is the official name of the task) was listed many occasions in the last decade (with the first asking value as higher as $ 9 hundreds of thousands), but these days anyone with a thirst for eccentricity can acquire it at $ 2 million.
exterior massive estate Glittery Estate in California Revealing a Questionable Neoclassical Identity
Even though some of the interiors in this audacious residence may possibly supply a sense of “home”, other folks are right on the edge of kitsch. The entrance hallway is a shiny marble foyer displaying a series of columns, crystal chandeliers and what seems to be a fountain in the middle, centered all around a Greek god. Bedrooms with flashy 70-ish patterns and four glittery-disco bathrooms full the image of a luxurious retreat that screams “too considerably”. We invite you to have a search at the images beneath and allow us know what you think about this particular residence ! Read More

Fashionable Storage: Cloud Cabinet Wall Units by Frederik Roije

One of the most critical issues in your house is storage. Storage assists you to lessen clutter, find your belongings very easily, and add type to your residence. Cloud Cabinet Wall Units by Frederik Roije are excellent for people searching for additional storage. They can even be used as space centerpieces. They will be the focal points of conversations and make a style statement. Get one particular and make your property the fantastic abode you have always dreamed of. Read More

How To Show Stainless Steel Pots

Today’s post is dedicated to stainless steel pots. They’re durable. They gleam with sleek style. And they look amazing when put on display in your kitchen! Why display something as functional as cookware? Because putting them out in the open makes them easy to access. And some kitchens have limited storage, leaving us no other option. If you need to display your stainless steel pots, or you simply want to, you’re in luck! The images below are filled with interesting design ideas to inspire you as you make your kitchen both stylish and functional. [from Williams-Sonoma] Read More