Sculptural Staircase Anchors Triangular London Property

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Type Layout Architecture collaborated with HI-MACS® to architecturally transform Flatiron Residence, an outdated and impractical office constructing in London. Described as “a staircase with rooms,” the consequence is a modern house constructed as a pied-à-terre in the city center.

The tiny triangular footprint of the 2-bedroom residence predetermined its seemingly easy spatial arrangement. The residence features 1 major space on every of the 5 floors, topped by a terrace on the roof. The kitchen, dining space, bedrooms and basement are integrated inside of Flatiron House, exactly where the sculptural staircase is the backbone.
design modern residence The interiors are characterized by the obvious spaciousness of the rooms the feeling of modernity and brightness come from the whiteness of its walls and acrylic stone surfaces. “The vertical spatial movement amongst the ranges, supplied by a signature staircase, feels normal and fluid,” says Mike Neale of HI-MACS®.

The banister, produced from acrylic stone in the Alpine White shade, reinforces this flow of movement. It rises like a twisted and folded ribbon via the 5 stories of the property, framing a vertiginous 46-foot view from the glass roof to the basement.

modern residence (6) “The triangular floor shape meant that the banister of the staircase had to twist and rise up at a quite steep angle from its inner edge, followed by a sharp bend,” Neale says. “HI-MACS® was one particular of the couple of supplies that could take this shape, due to its potential to be bent at a very modest radius.”

The U-shaped kitchen counter is perhaps the most eye-catching room in the apartment following the staircase. Made from acrylic stone that incorporates a stove and a sink, it has rounded corners and is complemented by big upper cupboards.

On the roof lies the terrace, a rejuvenating area in the heart of London’s West End. [Pictures and data offered by HI-MACS®]
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