Sculptural Layout And Fashionable Slit Handles Shape Exquisite Pampa Kitchen

Wonderful decor often double as brilliant sculptural installations that redefine and elevate the appeal of your interiors. Developed by Alfredo Häberli for Schiffini, the gorgeous Pampa Kitchen combines clean and bold straight lines of contemporary design and style with gorgeous, timeless wooden textures. Paying out a fitting tribute to the classic Cina Kitchen that began the trend of deal with-less types from Schiffini, Pampa employs cleverly concealed wooden slits to create a kitchen that does away with the use of handles all together.

Modern Pampa Kitchen by Schiffini

Blending the warmth of wealthy wooden surfaces with a sleek, contemporary stainless steel countertop and shelves that exude eloquent minimalism, this outstanding kitchen is nothing short of a compelling work of art! The creation of the wave-like handle slits was achieved by cautiously utilizing a series of employing moulds and counter-moulds that are seamlessly integrated into the cabinet framework. Aesthetic and functional, the ample storage room supplied by Pampa permits you to tuck away all the kitchenware with no any hassles and the overpowering timber tones relegate even the appliances to the backdrop.

Crafted in normal oak, all-natural American walnut and smoked dark oak, each of these kitchens has a unique aura of its own. Creating total use of the ample vertical area on offer, the shelving units are nicely stacked on top of one another and can be personalized to suit the floor strategy of your very own kitchen. Sophisticated, stylish and a lot like the unique Atelier lineup, Pampa might tempt even the unseasoned cook to last but not least venture into the kitchen!

Spacious design of the Pampa kitchen Sparkling steel countertop of wooden kitchen island Pampa combines the classic with the contemporary Lovely wooden kitchen island with modern design Pampa is available in a variety of finishes Smart modern kitchen fetaures cabins with slit handles Lovely red accents add color to the kitchen A look at Pamap kitchen in dark wooden tones Stylish cabinets of contemporay wooden kitchen Closer look at the handle-less kitchen cabinets

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