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Leaf Lamp Trees at University of Copenhagen Are As Great As Real Ones

Interiors of the Amager Campus at the University of Copenhagen have suffered a revamp. In an try to add a lot more life and character to the large indoor area, Danish designers from Hou+Partnere Arkitekter to beatify it with live trees. And although this sounds as interesting as it can get, the original plans have been modified when they noticed the Leaf Lamp Trees place collectively by the imaginative minds from Green Furnishings Sweden.

Leaf Lamp Tree - Copenhagen University

Peter Schumacher, the designer of the Leaf Lamp, is a guy of numerous abilities. He studied Architecture at the University of Adelaide and Industrial Style at the University of South Australia. He loves to design and create furniture exploring supplies, processes and construction techniques. His Leaf Lamp has a magnificent foilage that entirely gets the eye.

The tree trunk and the branches are manufactured from Swedish massive birch, even though the leaves from unbleached wool felt.

library fake trees

Since of the intriguing design and style and the reality that the total decor at the Danish University looks spectacular, we acquired to sit down with one of the Swedish founders, Johan Berhin – a fine gentleman who I personally met at this yr’s Furnishings Fair in Stockholm. He was variety enough to give us far more data about the Leaf Lamp Trees and how the venture went on. Right here’s a quick interview. Take pleasure in!

Johan, the Leaf Lamp trees are wonderful. I have to admit that I was fooled at first I imagined they are true. How did you come up with the total layout notion?

The Leaf Lamp in the form of a tree, style by Peter Schumacher, won the Green Furniture Award 2010, and was chosen to be made by Green Furniture Sweden. Since then we have designed it with each other with Peter resulting in a variety of lamps — hanging and standing — with diverse diameters. Which is why it was tempting to make a actual dimension tree out of idea. The soft light trees, Leaf Lamp Trees, that came out of these experiments are wonderful, I agree …

Substantial birch seems to be spectacular, but is there any particular purpose why you determined to use it for this task?

We try out to use as significantly regional wood as attainable. In Sweden birch is a all-natural selection with a light Scandinavian touch. But we agree that for other markets,  the trunks may possibly be created of other wood types.

real birch fake tree design fake trees design

Have you imagined how the trees will appear in 5-10 many years?

I really don’;t feel much will change except that in some locations there may be a heart or 2 carved into the truncs, like folks do in the park.

Another issue that intrigues me is the sound absorbing characteristic. Can you tell us a bit far more how the “leaves” aid enhance the speakability of the room?

In terms of volume, the trees are really huge as they have a good deal of leaves, all dealing with their personal path. The leaves are manufactured of wool felt which is really very good at absorbing (A-classed) and diffusing sound effectively. Simply because of these, the “speakability” of the room is significantly enhanced and sitting below the trees tends to make for a calming experience.

Cleaning could be a dilemma! You say that higher pressure air will get the work accomplished. But it releases dust and other items into air, don’t you feel? And on top of this, aren’t people leaves a bit … fragile?

Trees have the benefit that they sway their leaves very easily, hence you do not want considerably stress to make the dust fall off. Pressure air may possibly sound like a brute method but it is very effectively accomplished from the ground under the tree. This signifies that a tree is dusted in minutes. For house use, the smaller sized original Leaf Lamps and the Leaf Lamp Pendants match far better, as they are dusted by a standard duster by way of the foliage.

Fake Tree design copenhagen univerisity campus - fake trees campus fake trees

So you say the Leaf Lamp trees have a lot more of a industrial location rather than being component of a private residence?

Not several private residences have area for a 5 meter tree, so yes, they are meant for public indoor landscapes like large lobbies, gallerias and airports.

Swedish birch tree wool leaves

Johan, congratulations to you, Peter and the guys at Hou+Partnere Arkitekter for the beautiful installation. And kudos to the University for working with this kind of talented individuals. 

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

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