How To Make A Bold Statement With Velvet Drapes & Curtains

Underneath the good graces of regal interior decor, it’s hard not to appreciate the elegance of velvet curtains. While some might discover this design characteristic to be either also gaudy or too Gothic, I decide on to think otherwise. I hope that you can come to agree with me! Following all, velvet curtains carry new attitudes and charisma to whatever room they inhabit

When trying to include this sophisticated window accessory, it’s rather essential for you or your designer to put color above all else. Because velvet curtains naturally soak up interior light, the 2 organic and guy-given, some choices could turn out to be also overpowering if not picked nicely. So how do you appear at these beautiful yet incredibly powerful residence functions? Well, for starters, I’d advocate you get started with a clean slate… a blank canvas where you can splash new suggestions without having anything at all holding you back.

Picasso Blue?

Sure there was a “Blue Period” in the ar2rk realm, but that doesn’t indicate this distinct color has to stay confined to an ar2rk background lesson. Blue velvet curtains can be great additions to the living room, dining area, bathroom, or even the house office, as they include a bold touch to their surroundings with ease.


Avissa Mojtalhedi Architecture & Layout Inc.

Dining rooms benefit from such curtains simply because there can be a visible divide between the outdoors and indoors, thanks to the thickness in material material. When you are striving to light the evening setting and produce an entertainment scene worthy of praise, velvet curtains can aid you attain your host or hostess feat.

floor to ceiling blue curtains blue curtains

Daleet Spector Style

I’m sure I don’t want to say that velvet curtains are great reading through room mood creators. Once again, this style selection will take the front wheel when it comes to light, making sure the area you are in doesn’t appear the least bit unplanned.


Jack Lockhart Interior Style

Bath time pleasures are provided a dignified makeover with velvet curtains. No longer are you relaxing away in a delicate scene. Alternatively, the elegance of the bathroom decor is magnified and dramatized in a lot of ways.


Tracy Murdock Allied ASD

Lightness in Design

Moving from a period of blue and majesty, we dive head 1st into softer styles that velvet curtains can also handle. If you are going for a dollhouse seem, then I would recommend pink or lightly colored curtains time and again. I say this without blushing: Barbie would certainly give you a thumbs up if you went all out and picked pink curtains for a chic living space like the one beneath.


Tara Dudley Interiors

Earth Tones

Now that we’ve observed what blue and pastel-colored velvet curtains can do for interiors, I want to even more explore the prospects with you. If you have ever attempted to decorate your property but just couldn’t seem to locate the proper touch of distinction, I’d propose you search into velvet curtains as an answer to all your difficulties.


Garrisson Hullinger Interior House Style Inc

Get pleasure from a single malt, eh? If you match that description, then you must not be as well far off the mark when it comes to earth-toned velvet curtains like the selection above. Paired effectively with leather furnishings in organic colors, wealthy-hued curtains are a divine creation that secures the space’s ultra luxurious regality.


Tim Cuppett Architects

Coffee brown pull-up curtains like the ones above are wonderful for smaller sized bedrooms that don’t require complete floor-to-ceiling panels.


B Fein Interior Design and style

Velvet Signifies Red

When we talk about velvet curtains, there’s no escaping their unmistakable regal vibe. And nothing at all says royal like the brilliance of red velvet. This dynamic and sexy characteristic is a have to-have in homes that are anything but ordinary.


Bliss Residence Theaters & Automation Inc


Johnson Berman

Splash of Envious Green

We are almost coming total circle on the color wheel. But we should make a pit-spot and appreciate what green and related hues can do for velvet curtains.


Tommy Chambers Interiors 

Even though more yellow than green, the choice over doesn’t deviate as well much from the path, and it’s a wonderful illustration of how welcoming such a scene can be. Not only does it complement the foyer, but it also creates an excellent passageway amongst the entrance and adjacent rooms.


Deer Creek Residences Inc

Would you decorate your home with velvet curtains? If so, which colors from these days’s submit caught your eye? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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