Framed Jerseys: From Sports-Themed Teen Bedrooms To Sophisticated Guy Caves!

As we are just hours away from the grand opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, it is a great time to delve into interior decor tips that draw their inspiration from sports. Just last week, we flipped by way of some remarkable sports activities-themed wall murals and decals. Nowadays we take a seem at one more interior design trend that’s purely inspired by the sporting world and its several iconic stars. Nothing at all showcases your team loyalty and passion for your favorite sport like a beautifully framed sports jersey of your darling star!

A classy to create a basement mancave

A classy way to generate a basement man cave

If you think about it, it is the colours of the jersey that really bind you to your neighborhood football or baseball crew. As gamers move in and out through the transfer industry, you proceed to cheer for the side with unbridled pleasure and eternal hope. Strangely ample, we are all cheering for a jersey! Framed sports activities jerseys also make colorful and sophisticated decor additions that search apt in a contemporary setting. Whether or not you are a serious collector or a informal sports activities fan, right here are a few inspirations to get you commenced in the proper path –

Unique collection of signed sports jerseys framed elegantly

Special assortment of signed sports jerseys framed elegantly

Bring home the sports bar in style

Carry property the sports bar in type

by Sight And Sounds

Stripes give the look a sens eof sophistication

Stripes give the look a sense of sophistication

Sophisticated man cave idea in blue and white

Sophisticated guy cave thought in blue and white

Framed basketball jerseys look cool in the contemporary media room

Framed basketball jerseys search amazing in the contemporary media room

by Cynthia Lynn Photography

Home gym with frame jerseys on the wall

House gym with framed jerseys on the wall

by Fratantoni Luxury Estates

Sports Memorabilia adorns the walls of this home bar

Sports memorabilia adorns the walls of this residence bar

by VM Notion Interior Layout Studio

Showcase your Passion for Sports!

Wall art is a fantastic way to include shade and character to a space, but framed jerseys take this search in an completely various route. Framed jerseys consider your adore for sports activities and give it a a lot more refined and stylish makeover. And this implies framed sports activities jerseys look as excellent in the grownup bedrooms and in the living space as they do on the walls of a teen bedroom. But most homeowners are swiftly turning to these framed delights to improve the ambiance of their residence theater, or the sacred ‘man cave’.

Contemporary media room allows you to enjoy those big sporting moments

Contemporary media area makes it possible for you to enjoy people huge sporting moments in grand design

by Schill Architecture

Elegant and sophisticated version of a man cave

Sophisticated and sophisticated take on a man cave

by Jason Ball Interiors

Gorgeous space showcases the owners love for baseball

Stunning space showcases the owners’ adore for baseball

by Guided Residence Design

Framed jerseys appear specifically attractive in a property theater or basement bar where the dim lighting allows you to shine a spotlight on your favorite collectibles. There are distinct ways in which you can frame that worthwhile and authentic variety 23 Jordan jersey that is in your possession. Even though a flat frame seems to be sophisticated, a shadow box is an excellent addition for people hunting to rev up the design quotient!

Luxurious media room with framed sports jerseys

Luxurious media space with framed sports jerseys

by Wesley-Wayne Interiors

Give the room a design gallery appeal

Identical frames give a sense of continuity to the assortment

Give the man cave some refined panache

Give the guy cave some refined panache

by Malbec Properties & Renovations

Framed jerseys set the correct mood in a sports activities-themed home bar, which allows you to hang out with your buddies each and every weekend appropriate at home. If you are a severe collector, then it certainly is a great way to brag about all the exclusive autographed memorabilia that you own. And when it is time to throw a get together, you have an immediate conversation starter hanging on the wall! Just make positive that the backdrop employed in the framing suits the colours of the jersey and highlights it gracefully.

Proudly showcase your love fore baseball

Proudly showcase your love for baseball

A simple way to decorate the game room

A easy way to decorate the game room

by Rosewood Customized Builders

Create a Jersey wall at home!

Create a jersey wall at residence!

by Esther Boivin Interiors

Framed jerseys look great even in the living room

Framed jerseys appear wonderful in pretty significantly any space when carried out right

by Craig Custom Builders

Now this is what we call passion for sports memorabilia

Now this is what we contact passion for sports activities memorabilia!

by Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

Sometimes all it takes is one!

At times all it takes is 1!

by Jan Gleysteen Architects

Inspirational Bedroom Walls

Decorating kids’ bedrooms can often be a tough activity, but if your little one is into sports and has a certain preferred sporting idol, then it can make this occupation all the far more straightforward. Much like wall murals, posters and decals, framed jerseys mix in with the general theme of the space and include to its vibe. They can be easily additional or eliminated from the decorating scheme, and that can make them an excellent fit for rooms that require continual altering. If you have a young teen at property, then a framed jersey not only can make for a great present, but also stays appropriate in a area that will switch between several themes and shade schemes with passing years.

Seems like Shaq and Kobe are getting along just fine here!

Would seem like Shaq and Kobe are receiving along just fine here!

by David Schaf Interiors

Framed Steve Yzerman number 19 jersey in kids' bedroom

Framed Steve Yzerman amount 19 jersey in a youngster’s bedroom

by Visbeen Architects

How can the framed jersey collection be complete with the Jordan 23!

How can the framed jersey collection be complete with no the Jordan 23!

by Joni Koenig Interiors

You can mix framed sports activities jerseys with other large posters, baseball bats that are hung on the wall, inspirational quotes and even a large display that showcases your kids’ sporting accolades and trophies. A lot like a framed vintage poster, a sports jersey has an undeniable appeal of its own. An aura that is only understood by those die-challenging sports supporters!

Stripes on the sheets seem to complement those on the framed jersey!

Stripes on the sheets appear to complement these on the framed jersey!

by Regina Sturrock Layout

Sports themed teen room with framed jerseys on the wall

Sports activities-themed teen room with framed jerseys on the wall

Brick wallpaper gives the room a more eclectic appeal

Brick wallpaper gives the room a far more eclectic appeal

An insiprational quote to go along with the frame jerseys

An inspirational quote to go along with the framed jerseys

by Laurie Brown

An autographed and framed jersey is always a great conversation starter

An autographed and framed jersey is often a fantastic conversation starter

by inspirationCOLOR – Jacki Tate

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