Fashionable Barcelona Apartment Is A Comfy Paradise For Booklovers!

Each and every one particular of us has a passion of our very own and we at Decoist have always believed that your home should reflect who you are. Surrounding oneself with what moves you the most is an critical aspect of interiors layout. It makes any living room far more appealing and exciting. Spanish designer Susanna Cots likes to get in touch with this beautiful apartment in Barcelona as ‘Transversal Expression’. Designed to cater to the wants of a 2 bibliophiles, the defining feature of the contemporary residence is a large wooden lacquered sheet that crosses the living area both vertically and horizontally.

Contemporary Living Room designed for a Book Lover

It is mentioned that a booklover can typically pass away an complete lifetime in a library! This stylish and chic apartment brings home the library in inimitable type as it combines crisply developed shelves with plush decor and rich textures. Apart from the amazing skin made of wood, the amazing floating helves in black completely match into the posh and sophisticated elegance of the interior. The decor and the walls are clad in unblemished white, whilst cleverly placed black touches in the form of floor lamps and pendant lights generate a sleek, urbane appeal.

A wood-clad wall on the opposite side holds the wall-mounted Tv and a minimalist fireplace, while the kitchen and the dining area are draped in a white lacquered finish. An all-white colour scheme along with the inviting warmth of wooden surfaces is continued even in the bedroom as a custom-crafted bath up coming to the bed steals the present here. Clean, cozy and unique, this is an apartment for those who basically cannot live without their books!

Perfect reading nook in the living room Plush white decor coupled with dark floor lamp and pendants Wooden walls that house the stylish book shelves Cozy fireplace idea in the living room Passage way leading to the bedrooms

Studying is component of the everyday regimen of the owners and that is why the central region is transversally surrounded by bookshelves. The studio is fully integrated into the living room and produces a corner flooded in light that faces the terrace.

Large black pendant light above the dining area Gorgeous bedroom in white with wooden backdrop Modern bedroom with bath Stylish home office in white Interior of modern apartment Susanna Cots

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