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Elegant Doria By Fabio Fantolino Sports Sophisticated Minimalism

Italian design and style is renowned world in excess of for its sleek lines and a sense of refinement. Located in the heart of Turin, Doria is a modern residence that would seem to accentuate this Italian artistry with a touch of modern day minimalism. At first look, you would be tempted to feel that this fashionable apartment is nestled in a neighborhood like SoHo in New York. Developed with flair and unmistakable panache by Fabio Fantolino, it captures the urban trend of clean and nicely defined lines coupled with a beautiful neutral backdrop.

Living room of Doria by Fabio Fantolino

One particular stumbles upon rich elegance at every single flip in this gorgeous house. The all-white walls and the white resin floor make a gorgeous canvas that portrays plush and graceful décor. Dark chocolate browns and warm wooden tones have been extra to the house to drive away any sense of blandness. However, semi-minimalism looks to be the theme of Doria as ergonomic shelves and varying textures are incorporated with effortless ease.

Dining area and living space inside Doria Heavy wooden accents in the dining area Lovely floor lamp inside Doria Residence Stylish floating shelves Stylish living room in Turin by Fabio Fantolino

Although the residing space, dining location and the modern kitchen stick to the theme, an exposed brick wall adds component of surprise in the bedroom. A spacious stroll-in closet and present day bathroom full this $ million property. Whilst pretty organic lighting operates in the course of day, warm recessed lights consider in excess of at evening to flip this residence into an inviting hub. Accessories and furnishings are stored to a minimal even as a classy urbane seem is maintained during.

Exquisite, affluent and chic it depicts Fabio Fantolino‘s philosophy that, stability in between trends, individual taste and architectural demands are the greatest way to design and style a excellent contemporary house. A design and style ideology that appears to work like a charm with the Doria!

Warm lighting for minimalist living room Small modern kitchen Beautiful ceiling in the bedroom Plush bedroom with exposed brick wall Walk-in closet in the Doria Home Floating wooden vanity in the bathroom Modern bathroom inside Italian home Compact shower area View of Turin outside Doria by Fabio Fantolino

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