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Dazzling Mizu In Perth Combines Sensible Engineering With Gorgeous Design

If contemporary contemporary is your style, then the vibrant and brilliant Mizu house Down Below should make you really feel correct at property. Located in Port Coogee, Perth, the residence delivers 329 square meters of fashionable and affluent living region. Although the Mizu is not nestled on an ultra-huge plot, it does make smart use of each inch of room that is on offer. Developed with sophistication by Residential Attitudes, it sports an urbane design that fits seamlessly with the modern day image of Perth. An open residing prepare, exquisite kitchen and cutting-edge intelligent technological innovation set this classy property apart from other individuals in the community.

Entranceway of Port Coogee Residence in Perth

The façade of Mizu incorporates a shade scheme that enables it to seamlessly blend with the surrounding structures, producing the home far much more attractive visually. But the dramatic interiors swiftly transport you into an totally different world. Lighting plays a pivotal position in making sure that Mizu retains its exclusive aura. Lovely tiered chandeliers subsequent to the stairs, the intricately woven Moooi Randam Light in black and a ceiling that showcases best recessed lighting steal the demonstrate with ease.

Smart living room with fabulous lighting Throw pillows and colorful decor in the living room Open floor living plan of the Mizu Residence Moooi Random Light in black above the dining table

Technologically savvy, you can basically flip the residing area of Mizu into a spacious residence theater at the flick of a switch. Even the dining transforms itself into what the designers like to contact a ‘alfresco entertaining area’. Massive sliding glass doors adorn the top level that homes the bedrooms and the bathroom. Merging sufficient privacy with an open, airy, style, this Port Coogee home also comes with a stunning inner courtyard.

An additional sparkling gem of the house (fairly practically) is the mirror-black gloss-completed modern kitchen that provides wonderful visual contrast when viewed against the white walls of the house. Radiant and refreshing, the Mizu Residence is certainly for individuals who love the clean and crisp modern search.

Stunning modern kitchen in mirror-black gloss-finished Brilliant chandelier inside the Perth home Contemporary bathroom lighting Mirrors above bathroom vanity Facade of Mizu Home by Residential Attitudes

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