Create A Captivating Accent Wall With Geometric Pattern Wall Tiles

Are you ready to add a touch of whimsical drama and colorful quirkiness t your interior? Produced by the graphic designers at Spires for Bilk, this dazzling pattern wall tiles lineup definitely steals the show with the geometric and textural contrast that it provides. It was just yesterday that we were talking about the allure of a innovative accent wall in the bedroom and how it produces in an instant focal stage in a sleek, modern property. And just earlier right now, we previously delved into some amazing geometric design and style inspirations. Looks like Spires is here to preserve the theme going!

Colorful wall pattern tiles from Spires

The Spires collection characteristics 5 snazzy wall tiles patterns that will enliven quite a lot any space that they grace. By combining numerous shapes, values and textures you can effortlessly alter the result that is created by these wall tiles. Every pattern offers you the flexibility of picking the actual abstract type that you want to create on any wall of your decision. These pattern wall tiles are pretty simple to install and remove, producing them a delight for those with design and style dedication issues. The names of the pattern wall tiles are as abstract as the types themselves: blykk lyyzt, byy byy july, dymmnd ryyt, tryypyzoyd, and nwwtryllz.

No, what you just noticed was not a typing error. Apparently the creators at Spires desired to give practically nothing away with the names and have left it all to your very own imagination! Okay, so we might not be fond of the names, but the complex patterns and types confident have a good deal going for them. You can switch, rotate and effortlessly move these self-adhesive tiles to make sure that you have residence that is as dynamic as you are!

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