Charming Industrial Home In Brazil With A Daring Splash Of Red

In contrast to the a lot of lavish residences that we stumble across in the US and in Europe, the properties from South America have a distinct flavor of their personal. Most typically, one sees these private homes adopt a trendy industrial design even while featuring warm and inviting interiors that seem to be to be a normal extension of the canopy outdoors. The Casa Da Caixa Vermelha in Goiânia, Brazil takes on a equivalent kind as its exposed raw concrete walls and black stainless steel beams give to a chic, industrial vibe. However, the lush green landscape that surrounds the property is a component of the modern indoors thanks to the presence of massive sliding glass doors.

Lovely pool and backyard of the Brazilian house

Created by Leo Romano the title of the home actually translates to ‘House of the Red Box’ and that is exactly what you get right here. While the rest of the long, cubic structure is devoid of any shade, the architects integrated one large red unit that stands out visually from the outdoors. One the within, the residing room and the bedrooms of the home are visually connected with the gorgeous backyard that also showcases a refreshing water entire body and a spacious deck location. Thinking about the sweltering heat in the area, the presence of the pool practically looks like a must!

Sliding glass doors connect the living room to the backyard with pool Bedroom leading to the backyard The red box sticking out prominently Beautiful house in brazil with industrial design Casa da Caixa Vermelha surrounded by green canopy Living room of the cool Brazilian residence Plush seating space inside the living room

Interestingly, it is the bedroom and the kitchen that occupy the reduced level of the residence, even though the top floor holds the living space and further personal quarters. The decor is stored as basic and minimal as attainable with no sacrificing on comfort. Distinct and relaxed, the striking Brazilian residence oozes understated class!

view outside the casa da caixa vermelha by leo romano Comfy seating idea for the living room Elegant industrial kitchen in black Exposed concrete lends the kitchen an industrial vibe

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