Brilliant And Lovely Urban Renovation Unites Two Apartments Into One

Elegant modern renovations usually throw up the most ingenious layout options as they have to work all around current restrictions. Situated in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown district, the Abbott Street Renovation is one this kind of venture that aims to give a young household additional living space. Combining 2 present apartments to generate one huge property, Splyce Design and style employed elevated tile floors and a creative floor plan to give the new and bigger apartment a fresh and cozy appeal.

Open floor living plan and plush sofa in white

The interior of the apartment is largely clad in white, with the newly set up tile floors and the wooden canopy ceiling bringing in some a lot essential visual contrast. Although 1 wing of the house features the entry, residing area, an additional bedroom and the terrace, the other homes the luxurious master suite. Sitting in the middle is the creative, new addition that connects these 2 flanks, which plays host to the kitchen and the dining area. Comfy decor in white adds to the appeal of the area, even though the stunning Series 6 Chairs by Arne Jacobsen bring Mid-Century Present day charm to the dining.

Wooden wall in the plush living space Iconic Series & chairs at the dining table Sleek, modern kitchen in white with wooden cabinets Master suite with the bath Sliding panel offers privacy for the glass bath 3 sliding opaque panels to close off the bathroom from master bedroom

The master bedroom also surprises you with its posh elegance and the ensuite bathroom that is completely open to the bed. However, 3 sliding white panels permit you to quickly shift from openness to total privacy and shield the bathroom in an effortless fashion! With folding glass doors connecting the residing room with the deck, this is a house that makes most of every single inch that is on provide.

Smart use of wooden partitions in the Abbott Street Renovation by Splyce Access to the deck from the living area using glass doors View of the deck from the living room in the Abbott Street House Floor plan of twin apartments joined into one

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