Beautiful Rustic Residence In Romania Combines Classic Design With Gorgeous Scenery

Dream homes are typically about extravagant interiors, luxurious decor and expansive rooms that surround you with opulence. But that is not the only way of generating a magical setting that leaves you spellbound. Sometimes, it is bet to let Mother Nature get above and do what she does greatest. Found in the heart of the breathtaking Eastern Carpathian Mountains and close to the city of Piatra Neamț, this picturesque Romanian house is indeed all about the mesmerizing landscape all around it. Crafted by the property owners themselves, the task began as a trip house and soon turned into a full-time residence.

Serene and tranquil house Near Piatra Neamt in Romania

It is hard to describe the magic of this property in mere phrases as it appears to be cloaked in a blanket of green for the better part of the 12 months. With an exterior that embraces the greenery and is adorned by many flowering plants, the rustic type of the home is each refreshing and distinctive. Traditional design components from Romanian architecture and interior style grow to be an integral part of this charming room as the owners stored the decor intentionally straightforward and conventional. Intricate carvings on a wooden pillar that is above 25 years outdated and a wood burning tile stove that is equally ornate, standout visually in the residing room.

Gorgeous Rustic House Near Piatra Neamt, Romania KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Plenty of greenery and flowering plants enliven the outdoors Exterior of the beautiful rusic Romanian house in mountains View of the yard and the mountains beyond Pathway leading to the well Traditional Romanian fetaures in the garden

Featuring a living room, kitchen, dining space and a bedroom, the property keeps its floor plan the 2 uncomplicated and classic. The garden also attributes some standard components that bring in Romanian heritage like the wheel fountain, which is predominantly located in gardens of the area. Stone circle, curated flowering plant beds and lovely stone pathways total the outdoors.

With shifting seasons also comes a modify in the hues outside and along with it the house acquires a fully different aura. With a image-best river and creek stone’s throw away from the property, this is a getaway that leaves you enchanted…

Decor that is understated and traditional KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Intricate interior that has been carfeully crafted by the owners KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Wood tile stove keeps the place warm during chilly witers Classic design elements of Romanian architecture Intricate carving on a pillar that is 100 years old Stone pathway leading to the entrance KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Canopy surrounding the house at fall Summer landscape filled with colorful flowers The many shades of nature change each season and add to the beauty of the house Winter at the beautiful Romanian House Near Piatra Neamt

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