Amazing Residences for the Present day Nomad

I bet you believed you’d by no means want to live in a mobile home? Me neither, till now! As it turns out, mobile homes are not just for trailer parks, in reality, they are popping up on stunning mountainsides, on the water, as guest suites, and on wheels. These exclusive house concepts are really on the cutting edge of style. The mobile house presents different approaches of residing and innovatively delivers solutions to sustainability and financial concerns. The very best designs are not only functional, but also beautiful. So, aside from residing responsibly, they also look awesome!

The Mehrzeller Caravan

You can park this residence on wheels anyplace! Developed by Nonstandard, these German designers desired to match the on-the-go nature of modern day existence in their campers. Each caravan is custom designed with the client utilizing complex computer produced configurations – they get in touch with this method “mass customization.” This permits for easy buyer accommodation and completely exclusive patterns. [from Mehrzeller]

mobile home 1

If you haven’t heard, there is such a point as the little house motion and this home absolutely fits the bill. The total purpose of the movement is to reside a straightforward existence with a little ecological footprint. Modest home dwellers emphasize effective style above size, typically incorporating dual-goal furnishings pieces and appliances. In addition to its green style, a frequent draw is the small price tag. The considered is, the need for only a small earnings and the ease of mobility will consequence in a larger quality of life.

camper interior

In addition to offering shelter to modest-residence dwellers, the Mehrzeller caravan also suits vacationers and vacationers searching for luxury camping.

interior 2

The Lake Union Floating Property

Created by Vandeventer and Carlander Architects, this personal dwelling floats on Lake Union in Seattle, WA. It boasts remarkable water views and equally as beautiful architecture. [from Vandeventer and Carlander Architects]

Lake Union Floating Home

Regardless of its small footprint, this floating home really maximizes room. In this residence the traditional layout is swapped – most of the communal area is upstairs for effortless entry to the rooftop deck, and all of the bedrooms are downstairs.

Lake Union Floating Home

In addition to the wise use of room marketing indoor/outside residing, this residence is also designed with the atmosphere in mind. The residence attributes sustainable bamboo floors, passive solar types, energy-conserving systems, and reduced-upkeep resources.

Lake Union Floating Home

The weeHouse

Designed by Alchemy Architects, the weeHouse is a prefabricated modular housing method created to amaze. Though this is a prefab property, every single 1 is customized created to match your internet site, dimension, layout, and budgetary demands. Primarily, the idea of this modular home is like utilizing developing blocks. One particular unit is a studio, place 2 together for a greater room, and 3 is even bigger… [from Alchemy Architects]

weehome prototypes

Below is the Arado weeHouse developed in Pepin, Wisconsin. With every thing you require this productive house is just 336 square feet and cost $ 60,000.


A massive perk to the weeHouse is its green style. The house can be custom-made to make as considerably energy as it uses. It provides rainwater collection and passive solar layout. In addition, building the property in a factory permits for much more accuracy, and in flip, significantly less wasted materials.


The technique to the weeHouse is high quality over quantity. Through effective use of area and large glass windows, the house claims to have a “big property truly feel in a small package.” Although most of the world is no stranger to small living, in the US the typical house dimension in 2010 was 2392 square feet. Even with the weeHouses greatest 3 bedroom package, at 1400 sq ft., these properties are virtually half the size with all of the comfort. Alchemy delivers an different life-style and a sustainable answer.


For added convenience, if you are ready to move, you can get your home with you!


Although most of us will never ever phone these mobile marvels home, we can use their inventive designs as a reminder that there are option approaches of living. Perhaps we can include aspects of their utopian and layout-minded objectives into our own houses.

What do you believe of these mobile residences? Are you gearing up to move? Share your comments under!

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