Woollahra Property 11 by Grove Architects

By Jessica • one hour in the past

Woollahra Property eleven is a residential project completed by Grove Architects.

It is positioned in Sydney, Australia, and presents a warm and sophisticated interior.

Woollahra Home eleven by Grove Architects:

“The opportunity to develop a completely new property in the heart of a heritage conservation precinct on Sydney’s urban fringe, is a uncommon privilege. This 250 square metre (2,690 square feet) site was 1 of these unusual options, opposite a small native park to its north and a recycled neo gothic sandstone church to its west.

The property was developed for a mature couple requiring a modest open strategy house, incorporating an personal studio art / perform space, and a separate bedroom suite for visitors. At the decrease level, with its own independent accessibility is an classy yoga studio and a 2 vehicle garage.

The architecture was necessary to respond functionally, climatically, and aesthetically to its extraordinary context and to engage with modern sustainability requirements. It is striking form reinforces the significance of its corner place, an creates a all-natural buffer to the major road. This makes it possible for the residing spaces and backyard to totally open up in direction of the heavily treed park to its north, borrowing the greenery and incorporating it into the extended sense of the house. The residence also incorporates passive layout methods to maximise its advantage from the northern sun and cooling northeasterly breezes.

The building captures all rainwater into 24,000 litres (6,340 gallons) of storage tanks, offers for all its scorching water and room heating through a state of the art rooftop solar thermal array, has no air conditioning, and supports a large herb and vegetable garden run on wholly organic principles.”

Pictures by: Willem Rethmeier & Richard Birch

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