Villa in Génolier by LRS Architectes

By Jessica • 39 mins ago

Villa in Génolier was completed by LRS Architectes.

Developed in 2009, it is positioned in Génolier, Switzerland.

Villa in Génolier by LRS Architectes:

“This single family members residence, developed in an spot with strict zoning laws, diverts the vernacular language of the common chalet into playful and modern architecture.

The topographical insertion, in a «plug-in» way, inverts the interior walk and the superposition of the functions.

Reachable from the upper side of the plot, the residing spaces evolve beneath the roof, facing the magnificent landscape of the Alps and Lake Geneva.

The middle floor, with the master and little one bedrooms, includes a terrace. From the backyard, the ground floor (with indoor pool and workshop) is available.

This single family members house becomes immersed in the topography and lets us perform with the perceptions and the variety of scales. The romantic relationship amongst the inhabitant and the distant landscape (the lake and the Alps) and the close by context(the garden, terrace and the porch) is a central theme of the venture.”

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Images by: Thomas Jantscher

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