Uplifting & Comfortable Naturalistic Loft Interior Design

This indoor is an sort of the case whenever all most recent fashion trends preferably comply with an inside designer’s concept, and not another way circular. When a single blindly comes after the styles, the producing interior seems to be soulless. And this task one can find almost everything: soul, attractiveness and functionality.


This particular interior was created for the residents of visitor quarters constructed beside the master’s summer time cottage. This particular attic flooring was prepared as a family room for visitors, whose bed room is located over the first flooring.

The design concept of the inside was pre-determined by 2 conditions: the particular clients’ interest for organic materials and also a splendid woodland and water view starting from the windowpane. With this kind of raw information eco-style plus natural colour scheme turned out to be the best and many logical option.


The particular project functions many wood elements many totally does not have synthetic components. Besides as being a major completing material, wooden is also the important thing decorative component.

The family consists of 4 males, hence the particular designer sensed obliged to include some records of masculinity to the inside, but without having compromising comfort and hominess aspects. Apart from, the angles of the area per se motivated the use of apparent lines plus austere forms.

So , lots of wood had been complemented along with metal plus concrete surface finishes, and in common the loft was in line with the game associated with contrasts: tough bricks plus soft purple velvet, brutal solid elements plus a delicate crayon.


The particular ceiling will be sloped and it has a elevation of only one meter at the end point. Therefore it was decided on make many use of these types of inconvenient areas for the sake of proportion, while maintaining the middle of the bedroom as open up as possible. That is why shut storage areas had been organized near the windows as well as the centre was created as a lay zone.

To emphasise the roof height make the cut atmosphere the particular designer a new few fake ceiling supports custom-made plus decorated associated with metal components. And the best point from the roof has been dressed up using a group of necklace lamps rather than one normal chandelier.


The center of interest in the space is a bio-fireplace faced with metal and cement against the history of a ornamental wooden structure made from second-hand barn planks. The latter is usually coupled with the matching unique coffee desk with hand-forged metal platform.


The forest picture appeared underneath the sloped roof on well-known wallpaper, the well-recognized picture of which was supplemented with amusing golden oranges. These oranges are combined by a sconce that was listing from a fantastic retro light. Also, woodland motifs are usually replicated at the ceiling lamp-shade and in little details, for example wardrobe manages and finish capes associated with curtain fishing rods.

5-1-contemporary-style-attic-interior-sloped-ceiling-white-walls-wooden-shelves-yellow-pillows-gray-sofa-living-room-coffee-tables-forged-naturalistic-wallpaper-corkwood-floor-brass-sconce-lamp-storage-area 5-2-hand-forged-metal-leaf-shaped-wardrobe-furniture-handle-curtain-rod-end-cap-naturalistic-home-decor-details

The eating zone may also boast some interesting functions, such as a makeshift shelving device composed away from common wood boxes. It is organized with an erector-set guideline: boxes could be added, taken out, rotated, in short re-arranged within versatile methods. A dining room table top is constructed of a darkish tree piece, and the shelves unit bottom is cut with metal panels.

6-1-contemporary-style-attic-interior-metal-forged-dining-table-sloped-ceiling-white-walls-gray-chairs-living-room-dining-area-naturalistic-corkwood-floor-wooden-shelving-unit-mosular-slab-top 6-2-contemporary-style-attic-interior-metal-forged-dining-table-sloped-ceiling-white-walls-gray-chairs-living-room-dining-area-naturalistic-corkwood-floor-wooden-shelving-unit-mosular-slab-top

The backdrop of this task is one of the preferred ones regarding contemporary indoor designers – purely white-colored walls. They will create a excellent backstage intended for natural wooden, concrete, light gray house textile plus black, fantastic and vivid yellow highlights. And a marvelous finishing contact is through a unique crayon along with spring surroundings.


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