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Totem Residence By Reza Aliabadi [rzlbd]

Totem Reza Aliabadi

Splendid contemporary design of Totem Property positioned in Toronto, city of Canada created by Reza Aliabadi [rzlbd] architects. There’;s far more following the leap:

Reza Aliabadi Totem Reza Aliabadi Totem Reza Aliabadi Totem Reza Aliabadi Totem Reza Aliabadi

From the Architects:

Robert and John are travellers. They acquire sculptures by regional artists and carry them residence. They have a keen eye for modernism and minimum layout and they do not settle for ordinary. They adore cooking and they keep away from the needless. In constructing their property, rzlbd respects their curiosity for style.

A totem is sculptures inside of a sculpture. The totem in Totem Property is a vertical gallery that exhibits John and Robert’s souvenirs from about the globe. Every piece has been carefully measured and placed in a designated niche within the Tower. An open wooden staircase connecting the 3 stories of the home gently circulates all around the totem allowing 1 to observe the ar2rks from many distinct angles. During the day the skylight above the staircase naturally illuminates the totem, and at nighttime focused LED lights set up inside the niches light every single piece. The totem naturally turns into the focal stage in the home, as it is noticeable from each corner on all levels.

The evolution of layout was a basic geometrical obsession with squares and grids. Starting with 10 10’ x 10’ squares very carefully assembled on the linear website, logical modules have been then committed to important rooms in the house. The squares not only define the interior rooms, but they also formulate the boundaries of the backyard patio, the landscape, the parking location and the covered entry to the home. The totem sits on the central square dividing the living/dining region from the kitchen on the ground floor and the 2 bedrooms on the second floor.

Their kitchen could not be a standard urban kitchen, because they really don’;t have common cooking habits. They passionately care for taste and they are minimum and chic. A gasoline burner cook-leading with no hood on best was what they desired to cook their food on. Except for the appliances every little thing is concealed behind the white cabinet doors that cover the wall from floor to ceiling. On the 2nd floor the master bedroom is however another manifesto of their style, with the ensuite and the bedroom entirely merged with each other and washed with normal light, the challenge was to define the moist zones without disturbing them with drywalls. Beautiful marble tiles separate the shower and the bathtub region from the rest of the hardwood floor. The freestanding bathtub installed in the corner of the area has a peaceful corner see to the courtyard.

The exterior of the residence is a monolithic charcoal brick mass. 2 little blocks on the north and south facade of this perfect mass have been extracted and cladded with wood. The little wooden corner creates an interesting deception exactly where a single imagines the wood to be the core materials of the brick mass, like a bitten apple exposing the colour of its flesh. The harmonious contrast of the charcoal brick and the wood with the fast neighbours is tied to the surroundings with a humble layout for the landscape allowing the neighbours to completely frame the house.

Undertaking: Totem Property
Developed by Reza Aliabadi [rzlbd]
Project Crew: Reza Aliabadi, Lailee Soleimani
Building Management: Ali Malekzadeh
Architectural Photography: borXu Design
Living Spot: 1600 sqft
Client: Robert Langton & John Farrauto
Spot: Toronto, Canada
Internet site:

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