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The Harmonious Two-floor Studio In Paris


A lovely studio apartment with modest ceilings 4 meters, and the apartment was divided into 2 sections. On the 2nd floor of the seating location is created: a bedroom and a bathroom with a toilet. Very comfy to stroll in shower in the morning, when he’s close to, and also effortless to get a shower ahead of going to bed, and go to bed.


The chandelier made the decision to replace the bulky Chinese balls that look like snow snowman white walls of the area, the floor is lighter resembles the gray sky.

3-beautiful staircase

The dining area is situated immediately behind the wall close to the kitchen and the stairs to the 2nd floor, chairs the owners chose the simplest black.

4-transparent table

The board is completely transparent, manufactured of glass, the chair legs of diverse colors, orange, and light beige.

5-red kitchen

The kitchen in this tiny apartment is very thick and it is placed below the mezzanine, kitchen, as it have been hidden. The kitchen is cleared in complete. At red, even a towel with red decorations.

6-bedroom on the second floor

The bed is a little stool, which are points where you can put a magazine or a glass of water or a small lamp for reading books.

7-brown plaid

At once behind the wall is a cabinet in which you can keep things, clothes, or bedding in the bedroom was chosen major colour light walnut. Pillows and blanket had been chosen light light with white stripes.

8-white bath

Bathroom in a classical type white shade, found near shelves exactly where you can place towels.

9-white bath

Given that the apartment is modest, you should usually sustain buy, the sink is a tiny amount of bottles with soap objects.

10-living room

The apartment is ideal for one or 2 ear tenants who spends little time at home and usually perform and prefers to dine at cafes and restaurants.

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