Takapuna Residence by Athfield Architects

New Zealand-based mostly architectural firm Athfield Architects has made the Takapuna House.

This task is in fact composed of 3 separate properties all created using the identical guiding rules. The outcome is a assortment of “packages” which respect the landscape and local scale of the environment.

Completed in 2013, this modern venture is located in Takapuna Beach, New Zealand.

Takapuna Home by Athfield Architects:

“The design for the new homes at No. 25-27 William St share a widespread platform, though these websites will kind separate applications, they are conceived of as complimentary actions and are thus mentioned with each other. The essential ideas are expressed as follows.

1. The retention of the unique “bach era” landscape.

The current residence at the seashore at No 25 William St sits at the leading of a lawn that is open to the Takapuna beachfront. This is now 1 of the number of sections the opens so generously onto the public domain. This is seen as a positive gesture to the public area of the seaside front and recalls an historic house kind which is now uncommon in this region. This lawn or green area characteristics a simple concrete path that extends to the seaside from the property.

The intention is to retain and lengthen this green room and the axial path from the seaside by means of to the William St address. This technique includes opening the websites up to every single other and linking them with a consistent landscape treatment.

There are 2 considerable trees at each and every end of the mixed internet site. These are to be retained as they are big scale plantings that will guide mark the internet site. Similarly 2 classic outbuildings are to stay at both end of the property on the front segment.

2. Linking the buildings on the 2 internet sites.

An extended pathway from basic materials is to website link the buildings on the 2 sites. The new buildings will be thorough to merge with the land type or , conversely, be strongly defined objects on the lawn and path. They are to be simply clad in robust, weathered hardwood panelling buildings with a concrete base. These materials are found from the existing “bach era” landscape as we’ll as the foreshore and neighbourhood.

The small dwelling close to William St at No.27 is to be clad in naturally weathering brass or copper metal panel it is meant to sit close to the retained big Puriri tree and kind a detail on the web site, a notional gate property or street elevation.

3. Respecting the regional scale.

There are to be 3 discrete residence forms. These have a combined program location which is equivalent to the 2 existing dwellings to be eliminated.

The new from adjacent neighbours and occupies the around back third of it’s section. The Home at No. 25 despite the fact that drastically greater than the existing bach or cottage will be in excess of 1200mm reduced than the present roof ridge. (At 8m wide it will be in excess of 3m narrower when viewed from the seaside than the current property. It will nonetheless be 3m longer that the unique property on the web site. Relative to the neighbouring homes it is smaller sized in all dimensions from the neighbours both side.)

The property and minor dwelling at No. 27 are ancillary dwellings adjacent to the principal home at No. 25. These are spaced at opposite diagonals on the site and seem as one area (5m) wide towers from the road. At their highest they are in between 100-800mm higher than the current home on the site but above a far smaller sized location.

The 3 houses will fit effortlessly in the general pattern of the neighbourhood. They will rarely be witnessed all collectively and will seem as modestly scaled.

4. Packaging.

The new homes are notionally considered of as a small collection of containers or vessels. The material of these packages, set back behind robust claddings, are finely in depth and glazed.. The homes, or packages, have been placed and organized so that the cladding conceals the content from the far more public approaches and reveals the interiors as one particular accesses elevations that are interior to the internet site.

This subtle theme is designed additional with the provision of folding and sliding capable to be manipulated to suit the requirement of the inhabitants.”

Images by: Simon Devitt

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