Stunning and vibrant house in Barcelona


Classy design of this apartment combines well with the interior in Barcelona. Cheerful and lovely interior and a massive quantity of lovely and all-natural elements in the interior. Christmas equipment are created in normal and normal design. The bathroom is produced in the old design, dark blue color emphasizes good outdated days and tends to make the bathroom great and refreshing. The main retro type bathroom. The bathroom itself on a gorgeous leg. And the traditional white.


The major target was chosen on simple and lovely accessories and parts. Normal fabrics and all-natural wood completely complement the interior of standard apartments.


Humorous and classic deer head, not literal, and are created of wood and painted white. This kind of a composition can be designed independently.


Lovely wreaths, which can hang on the door, make you really just of small cones and hang on the wire.


Standing on the balcony and beautiful desktop, windows are really spacious and have plenty of warm light. The area utilized warm light, and the workplace is ideal for creating.


Bedroom made in twisted colours, adorned with little Christmas wreaths above the seam. She is the most beautiful woman in this room. The floor is paved with gorgeous mosaic tiles are extremely lovely and vivid patterns. Floor carpeting modest carpet of artificial wool.


Kitchen and living area combined with  glass decoration with artificial snow, which can be painted, gorgeous figures create a festive environment.


The kitchen is made up of a multitude of wooden furniture, even the windows are created of wood and has a closed door, equipment star even created of wood.

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