Stone Respect by Dom Arquitectura

Stone Respect is a home rehabilitation venture finished by Dom Arquitectura.

The construction is positioned in Noutigos, Carnota, A Coruña, Spain, and the renovations were finished in 2013.

Stone Respect by Dom Arquitectura:

“The aim was to act respecting the current volumes of this previous home, located near to the river in the village of Noutigos. Maintaining the stone facade, changing the original windows in chestnut wood, we just only propose 2 new tiny and strategic openings in the south wall for their views and the all-natural light needed for distinct locations. The new openings with iron frame and fixed glass contrast with the current ones and which are treated with a chestnut wood.

Portion of the south facade formed with quite small stones has had to repair due to continuous moisture, so we propose a mortar render. We have maintained the large stones about the windows, and have continued to finish smoothing current lines practically the complete first and 2nd floor.

The entrance garden has been taken care of with a excellent previous reclaimed flagstones, wood benches, albizias, ivy and lavender, give us a easy but hearty welcome.

The recovered stone types the interior finished walls. In the ground floor they combined with ocher mortar, it generates a game as a baseboard with different heights, covering broken stone regions and adapting to the interior room distribution. The outcome is a balanced interior finish the place dominates the mortar ocher and stones colors.

The ground floor is a open area with a continuous pavement, in which we spot the dining space, the kitchen and the living location. On the 1st floor we found 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The slabs are created with clay vault painted with a gray glaze.

The 2nd floor below the cover is a area originally utilised as clothesline, now has grow to be a completely open room, flooded with organic light through skylights and a lower in the cover that originates a small terrace with gorgeous views to Finisterre and the Carnota bay.

Respect the stone, recover the current aspects and combine them with an open and new distribution, real lighting and furniture, creates a new charming spaces.”

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Pictures by: Víctor Solis

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