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Spacious studio apartment pupil


This apartment belongs to the student, it is roomy and comfortable, it receives all the required furniture, the entire apartment is functional and spacious, the white shade in the area can make the area a homely and cozy.


Proper at the entrance there is a dressing room and a bathroom, on the wall there is a coat rack in the corner of the space is a plant that dilutes the pupil environment.

3-white bath

The bathroom is spacious in white traditional style with classic tile on the floor is lined with dark tile, which is really practical.

4-dining table

Close to the front entrance is a spacious and practical kitchen in a light manner. The kitchen has no door, there is only a low arch. The floor is positioned as the dark tiles in the bathroom.

5-bright kitchen

Kitchen with light wood furnishings and created-in kitchen tile, there is a convenient sink, in the workplace is even flowers and green go properly with white.

6-long kitchen

The kitchen is large and spacious box, which are connected only blinds in the kitchen a good deal of blooming flowers, such as orchids.

7-bedroom in the room

The living area is linked to the bedroom, which is concealed in the partition of the artificial wall that divides the space in front of cots can be a screen and a canopy bed and hide under the bed. Conveniently located near a shelf for books, which can usually be near at hand. Over the bed there is a helpful light to be in a position to consider a book in the evening.

8-beautiful table

On the other side of the space is a sofa, relaxed and shelves for books, CDs, and other small accessories. The lounge has a relaxed coffee table.


In the living area are decorated with gorgeous and great photos with minimal image, so they decorate the area and make it much more desirable.

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