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Small eco-residence manufactured ​​of wood


This tiny property is only 10 square meters, it produced a Swedish designers from the Bureau of Tengbom Architects. This mansion was set up for students who often do not learn in the city. This property is really relaxed and practical for the remain is not in the extended phrase, as it permits the materials to really feel far more comfortable.

2-small kitchen

A little house is built very properly, in spite of its tiny, it receives all the needed furniture that is very functional, and saves a great deal of room.

3-kitchen furniture

On the ground floor is a modest kitchen, pull out table, complete kitchen is constructed of natural wood. On the second floor there is a toilet and a bedroom for the proprietor of the mansion.

4-beautiful shelves

Given that the family members is very small and small, the designers have done rounded shapes in the interior, so that the server is not fought on sharp corners, and appears really sophisticated

5-small window

The interior uses a normal material – wood of excellent loved ones, which is environmentally friendly. Light colors make the area lovely and exciting.

6-small crumb

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