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Residence-Studio in El Carmen by Ramon Esteve Estudio

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Situated in Valencia, Spain, this house-studio in El Carmen, a neighborhood in Ciutat Vella district, which comprises the historic quarter of the city, was developed by Ramon Esteve Estudio.

The interior’s predominant shade is pure white, allowing for a comprehensive peace of mind with which to function.

Home-Studio in El Carmen by Ramon Esteve Estudio:

“Set in Valencia’s historic centre, this modern creating emerges quietly, though entirely integrated to the urban plot and to the entire setting typology. The building searches to be part of the historical centre unit. The layout has been designed subject to the protected patrimonial setting conditions, such as the old developing preservation of pre-present aspects as the corner antique stones.

The robust width front shutting wall offers a structural answer and unifies all the buildings constructive components requirements. This wall generates a container the place we modelled an inner fluid and lighted volume. All the interior come altogether becoming solved by the exact same acting criteria advertising the materials regularityand the light sifted by wooden lattice.

The attic crowns the creating, by this the roof keeps hanging in excess of a band of glass and lattice. In all the layout the wall seems like one thing else than a area divider, it turns into to existence. The handrails and balconies have been materialized as light metallic galvanized steel sheets that emerge horizontally from the wall, contrasting with its power.”

First Level
Second Degree

Pictures by: Fernando Alda

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