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Residence of Polygon by Architect Demonstrate Co.

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Property of Polygon was developed by Architect Show Co., and is located in Tosu, Saga Prefecture, Japan.

The home’s interior is created predominantly of wood, with a simplicity that adds to its sense of serenity.

Property of Polygon by Architect Display Co.:

“This home was built in the subdivision in Tosu in Saga.

A lots of Subdivision was homogenize website, and also homes had been related environment.

D-property(House of Polygon) idea was distinctive home in among them.

Interior room has become a spatial composition which kept variability, since we doesn’t like use a partition wall which is fixed.

The 3-dimensional facade developed by retracting the first floor emphasizes the volume of the second floor, also which operates with the contrast of black and white in the unicursal lines adds a profound feeling.

Is provided with a light court, to incorporate into the interior light and wind.

Interior space has turn into a spatial composition which kept variability, simply because we does not like use a partition wall which is fixed.

Among site is narrow, to achieve greatest use of the area by making use of the most on-site, and to have variability in the inner space.”

Photographs by: Toshihisa Ishii

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