RD Property by VASHO

Chilean architectural company VASHO has produced the RD Residence.

Created in 2013, this 5,059 square foot, contemporary residence is impressively nestled in a hill in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic.

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RD Property by VASHO:

“The programmatic challenge: style a residence that allows 18 individuals to match comfortably inside 500mt2 (such as terraces). Open spaces, characteristic of the nearby architecture. All of the bedrooms have their very own bathroom, review and/or library and residing space-dining space-kitchen all in a single space. The residence will be a 2nd property to use intermittently in the summer.

The architect recognizes that 1 of the greats difficulties will be the challenging accessibility and limited horizontal surface of the house, most of it obtaining a slope of 45 to 70 degrees. That is why an incredibly precise survey was manufactured to be capable to perform from the foundations to the roof gardens. The organic degree curve of the face of the hill influenced not only the structural reinforcement of the task but also the programmatic distribution of spaces. This can be noticed, for illustration, in the continuity of the natural surface of the hill in the residing area of the home.

Burying the home is proposed as a visual action. Hiding the all round volume of the function to the current organic geography to cushion the impact of the volume to the eye on arrival, getting conscientious of the paradisiacal surroundings, but often seeking to make the normal surroundings seem from the interior ahead of the consumer: “Disappear to make appear”.

A massive percentage of what resources of the “Habitable Refuge” is rock extracted from the excavation of the home. Its noticeable concrete walls were molded in pine formers which, along with the substantial top quality native wood, delivers a rustic atmosphere which cushions the contrast of texture-color with its surroundings without having abandoning the “modern” seem.

The act of burying the residence in the hill not only touches the esthetic element but also the sustainable element. The green roof permits for far more insulation as far as direct heat from the sun is concerned. Its rear face is in make contact with with the rock of the hill generating a cooling phenomenon identified as “thermal inertia” that consists of a standard bodily action “The temperature of a body of lesser volume equals that of a better volume when these 2 bodies are in speak to.” To make this feasible without having the constructive damages that may possibly come up, very engineered waterproofing approaches were utilized. In other word the refuge does not want a mechanical cooling system. It is a contention wall in itself.

From the general understanding that where there is good administration there is power efficiency in other phrases the consumed load decreases, is that we have integrated Domotics to the design, with the objective to touch an ecological approach with the residence. Domotic is an intelligent technique that fundamentally integrates a structured net which enables control of the lighting scene, entertainment elements (sound, temperature regulation of the Jacuzzi from an additional area) and security (solenoid valves, cameras, alarm method, and so forth.) from anywhere within the property or out of the residence, making comfort and vitality saving.”

RD House by VASHO (23) RD House by VASHO (24)

Photographs by: Eduardo Abreu

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