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Narrow Residence In Tokyo


Exciting narrow house, the architects already know no borders, and make exciting projects. As a rule all the fancy residences are created in Japan, as the population is massive, then the population of spin as soon as possible. The house itself was constructed on a tiny and narrow country.

2-spacious bedroom

All characteristic of the home is that the second floor is created longer than the initial floor, this residence even has a small area, a little shelter. The 1st floor is the workplace, he has a bathroom and toilet.

3-screen instead of doors

The most remarkable thing on the ground floor is the spacious master bedroom, which can cover the screen.

4-angled staircase

Stairs in the house are tiny, and a spacious, light and produced of metal, vibrant and stunning.


Bathroom in a light color, and it is produced in the European design, the bathroom is situated on the narrowest level of the house.

6-narrow attic

The principal space is found on the second floor, and also has a small narrow balcony.

7-corner kitchen

In the largest and widest component did a stunning kitchen, and is situated adjacent to a staircase that prospects to the first floor.


In the really narrow space is a area in which to keep books, but if you even now have visitors, they can be positioned on the bottom.

9-second floor

In the middle of the room there is a little balcony with a visible kitchen and dining location.


Spacious and cozy residing space, large glazed region of ​​the area, the light passes from both sides, is also a stunning balcony on which you can go out.

11-Room for a child

And of course, children’s space, a game room, but quickly will be, and sleeping area, and admire the lovely windows let evening stars.

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