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Narrow But Cozy Residence In London


A small home with a width of 2 meters of a bedroom and a bathroom and dressing area, study, all the amenities are existing, the principal factor is a affordable area. The big plus of this house is an interesting roof, in which there are a lot of small windows that are properly covered all 3 floors.

11-slabs of natural slate

Most of the material that is utilized in the finishing of the property – it’s a slab of slate, in conjunction with the tree looks truly great.

10-a piece of old wall

The citizens of London have a tendency to very worth the old days that’s why in this residence left component of the wall with various brick, looks like a lovely piece.

9-full closet

In the bedroom there is the easiest wardrobe for storing clothes and linen.

8-warm lighting

Usually, in a modest apartment to be employed each and every inch of the mind, at the head of the bed is a locker, exactly where you can retailer items and to use as a bedside table.

7-bright bedroom

The most gorgeous bedroom, exactly where there are 2 windows and lights up the room effectively. Compact and comfortable room, and at evening in the window, you can look at the starry sky.

6-narrow kitchen

The kitchen is extremely narrow, but relaxed, the 2 sides have a kitchen island, plus the truth that it is ample to turn around and have an additional work surface.

5-comfortable table

2 meters for rooms is extremely modest, but however you can pick relaxed furniture that will not clutter the room. Dining space combined with a kitchen, dining area and kitchen, plus the reality that it comes out into the courtyard, and you can take pleasure in the beautiful panorama.

4-a beautiful place

On the ground floor is a kitchen mixed with residing space, and in the summertime, the door is constantly opened in a cozy garden.

3-at dark

Due to the tiny area, the owners have produced a cozy patio where you can relax in the summer time.

2-Street facade of the house

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