Modest and brilliant apartment in a contemporary design

1-narrow room

Stunning and shining flat, vivid accents. The living room is clean and stunning lounge that displays bright equipment, such as pillows, flowers, carpet. Vivid objects enliven the air and get the space brilliant and interesting. Gender costly and reliable society, is oak flooring. The pillows are utilised in the interior of the firm Zara Residence.

2-beautiful rack

In this flat, higher roof, and you can establish a ladder, and generate a second story, which will be in zero gravity. The possessor of the flat, a youthful and industrious personal who prefers minimal in the interior and functionality. In the apartment there are several variations, apartment residing with sensible colors.

3-beautiful chairs

Interior in this apartment resembles a big and gorgeous loft, wall residing area and kitchen separates and divides the space into a zone that is extremely pragmatic and practical. Thanks to large ceilings in the room plenty of organic sparkle, which lights up the room and can make it less difficult.

4-white sofa

The kitchen is a cozy and bar, which is really hassle-free to appear at the kitchen and it, is the most pragmatic decision. The sinkhole is located near a window that permits you to run more quickly and greater. Kitchen interior in white gloss, and its properly emphasize bright red bar stools.

5-white sofa

The inside delivers a lovely fireplace and cozy that employing wood to fire, it is in the corner of the space, and has a transparent ice wall.

6-gray carpet

Behind the sofa is a stunning picture, and near the sofa holds a stunning table for books, it holds a transparent frame, it is constructed of plastic.

8-bright bed

The sleeping area is actually comfy and useful, bedside tables have suspended that are in weightlessness. Bed with a gorgeous rug with vivid colours.

9-ideal kitchen 10-ideal kitchen

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