Mill Valley Cabins by Feldman Architecture

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Mill Valley Cabins is a residential project located in Mill Valley, California, USA.

It was finished in 2012 by Feldman Architecture.

Mill Valley Cabins by Feldman Architecture:

“The customers for the Mill Valley Cabins wished to add some accessory structures to their existing hillside residence. Programmatically, the clientele sought to offer area for an artist studio and a yoga room which would also serve as a private guest cabin.

The program was divided into 2 tiny cabins which could be positioned lightly in between present trees with minimal re-grading.

In addition, the orientation of the 2 cabins captures various views. The roof of the reduced developing was planted with a backyard because the upper building would look down on it and the consumer and layout staff wanted the building to blend into the hillside.

The green roof also provides further landscape for the client’s love of gardening.”

Photos by: Joe Fletcher Photography

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