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Lovely accessories from stumps

1-vases of stumps

Natural untreated wood in the interior seems to be really nice and fascinating, this style is increasingly currently being introduced into the interiors of both modern day and classic interiors, such a pure kind is utilised for the interior surroundings. Beautiful furnishings is created of wood from previous or new stumps.


Wood is a noble material for furnishings and decorative accessories, objects of wood takes the fact that this material is special and eco logical, this materials is special. Wood is not inexpensive materials, and to approach it calls for a big volume of energy.


Wood is the dominant material utilised in the interior mainly in Scandinavian style. It is also quite often employed in the design of Shabby-chic, rustic in fashion and conventional type. This furnishings will carry the house warm and cozy. Gorgeous wooden objects can be regarded infinite and the structure of the tree seems to be nice and warm.


Organic and untreated wood appears good also in the institutions, and this alternative will give a particular atmosphere of the forest, and also in apartments this selection will search distinctive, wood flooring can be laid, ceilings, walls, or to make furnishings, and make fascinating objects.


Decorative equipment created from pieces of wood, some branches of person stumps. The only disadvantage of the tree, it does not bend, but do not yield new components that can effortlessly be transformed. To make the interior furniture needs a tiny try, it should be correctly taken care of and erase the rough surface. Hemp can be utilised with bark and with out it, but with the punishment they seem fascinating.

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