Lodgepole Retreat by Arch11

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Lodgepole Retreat is a project finished by Arch11 and located in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

The interior is spacious and vibrant, decorated in light colours and with plenty of windows.

Lodgepole Retreat by Arch11:

“This Rocky Mountain retreat requires its easy form as a modern response to basic mining structures of the region. The single roof plane effectively manages the snowfall at 9000’ over sea degree even though serving as a platform for the 10kw photovoltaic program that, along with an electrical boiler, an air to air heat exchanger, and LED lighting, makes it possible for this residence to operate at net zero power use every yr. An open-strategy, glass-enclosed excellent room offers the sense of living in the out of doors although every personal area provides very carefully-framed views of certain parts of the alpine setting. All development assemblies and resources are designed to meet the strictest fire-resistant codes.”

Photographs by: Raul Garcia

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