House Pieres by Graciana Oliveira

By Magaly • 2 hrs in the past

Property Pieres was completed by Graciana Oliveira.

It is positioned in Oporto, Portugal.

Property Pieres by Graciana Oliveira:

“In an region with irregular topography, was defined a rectangular volume that lies on the highest degree of the great deal and that is freed from the soil on the reduce level.

The stretched rectangular type, makes it possible for the orientation of the main rooms of the house to the south. The circulations are situated in the north and the rest of the program in the south, into a close relationship with the landscape.

The residence prepare is produced according to an abstract and geometric array, among positives and negatives which create and define a hierarchy of spaces in terms of size, function and romantic relationship with the exterior.”

Images by: João Morgado

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