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Homey And Classic English-Type Apartment: Grey Walls, Upholstred Funriture, High Skirting Boards And Fanlights

91-lounge space

The Hosts:
Dmitry and Catherine

Variety of rooms: 3
Metric location: 147 m²
Ceiling height: 2.9 m
Floor number: 31

The youthful couple purchased an apartment in an elite housing estate “Airbus” about 2 many years in the past, possessing fallen in enjoy with a panoramic view opening from the 31st floor and open layout, which gave room for imagination and future comfort.

On the guidance of their buddies, the hosts turned to a designer studio “Arch. Thing”, in which their interior was entrusted immediately to the bureau’s establishers – a designer Catherine Tulupova and an architect Olesya Sitnikova. Both sides remained satisfied: the hosts gave absolute freedom to the designers, who, in their flip, regarded as all the few in amount, nevertheless vital, wishes. For instance, Dmitry’s concern was technical facets — the lodging is outfitted with a complicated ventilation and air-conditioning program with humidification function, and an all-close to audio program managed from an iPad. As for Catherine, she was more concerned about the shade variety.

As a basis the designers took traditional and English designs: higher skirting boards, broad curtain holders and fanlights, which lengthen and increase the room visually. Ethnic inclusions — carpets and suspended lamps in the hallway — create a homey feeling.

In practice panoramic windows proved to be troublesome: noise from the street was so unbearable that the designers had to plank plastic windows with dismountable wooden casing.


The open layout implied 3 zones: lounge, kitchen and balcony. But the fantastic metric location enabled to style in addition a total-fledged bedroom and a research. Standard grey colour of Manders Little Greene line looked drastically colder in the palette and in an empty room, but the hosts had been equipped for emergencies – against the background of furniture and textile the tint proved to be a whole lot warmer.


In a guest’s bathroom the ceiling was produced dark, and walls were glued over with English wallpaper.


Sofas and arm-chairs by Mulberry. Chests by Timothy Oulton.

41 -Sofas and arm-chairs 42-Sofas and arm-chairs

Light fixtures by Vaughan.

51-Light fixtures by Vaughan

Table by Selva. Chairs by Mobilidea.

61-Table by Selva

Italian set by Pedini with a kitchen island suffered a sea adjust, following its fronts had been refreshed with handgrips by Amalgama. Stone — Rim.

71-Italian set

Sanitary porcelain by Antonio Lupi, Alessi. Mixing taps by Hansgrohe, Axor.

81-Sanitary porcelain

A single of the doors in the lounge leads to the study, which is presently being re-designed as a kid’s room in connection with a festal event. The other door opens to a private zone such as one particular far more bathroom, a walk-in closet and a bedroom. Doors by Agoprofil. For the sake of flooring the kitchenette and the future playroom, oak was manually dealt with and painted. As a consequence appeared intriguing hue and texture. The other rooms are laid with widespread oak parquetry.

91-lounge area

Bathroom walls had been faced with organic stone — travertine and onyx. Flooring — teak.


The bedroom is in the process of adhere to-up revision. Quickly opposite the bed by B&B will appear a closet with wings painted in a wall-matching colour and a chest of drawers.


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