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Gorgeous and Luxurious Backyard Space in Highgate by Folio Layout

Luxurious Garden Room Highgate

A Gorgeous and Luxurious Garden Room in Highgate by Folio Design. The owners commissioned the interior designer to transform an unused region of their backyard into a comforting, sustainable leisure space, integrated with the woodland beyond.

Luxurious Garden Room Highgate

From the Architects:

Folio Layout has additional yet another spectacular growth to its portfolio of substantial-finish properties, with completion of a luxurious garden space in Highgate. Owners re-commissioned Folio following a refurbishment of their 5 bedroomed residence in 2011, requesting that an unused spot of their backyard be transformed into a calming, sustainable leisure space, integrated with the woodland beyond.

Luxurious Garden Room Highgate

Nestled amid a backdrop of lush green trees, stands the 400 ft2 single storey construction. Housing a sitting space, gym, sauna, shower and relaxation region and wrapped close to a central external sizzling tub. This joins both a rill and a organic pond, sympathetically created into the landscaped garden. To successfully meld the framework into its surroundings, Folio Layout worked closely with landscape designers, sinking the residence into the backyard so that it appears to rise up from underneath the tree-line. In this way, the gorgeous woodland view from the main property is maintained and the sweeping lawn is seamlessly linked to the backyard residence via the planted, green ‘eco roof’.

Luxurious Garden Room Highgate Luxurious Garden Room Highgate Luxurious Garden Room Highgate

Folio Design and style utilised all-natural limestone flooring, underfloor heating and cast glass to develop a warm, welcoming spa really feel all through. Muted natural colors carry cohesion with the outside area and a constant stargazing roof across the breadth of the residence adds playful light and panoramic views at night.

Full height sliding folding doors have been employed to open up the seating regions to generate a really integrated backyard ‘living room’, and remarkable region for entertaining in the warmer months. Externally, Folio Design and style has referenced the surrounding copse with green oak cladding and cedar shingle roofing. Slot windows have been additional to the fitness center for privacy.

“As soon as once again, it has been a great collaborative procedure doing work with Folio, so we are just as proud of the garden space as they are. We now have a truly versatile space that is as ideal for helping the family members unwind and recharge as it is for opening up for enjoyment and play when the sun comes out.” Stated the owners of Wood Vale house.

Task: Beautiful and Luxurious Backyard Space – Wood Vale House
Developed by Folio Design
Spot: Highgate, London, United Kingdom
Web site:

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