Fresh and Bright Apartment

1-comfortable studio

The inside of the apartment is manufactured in the fashion of the studio, employed Scandinavian style. The apartment has no divisions, zones are divided by means of furnishings in the interior. The within of the apartment is only 36 square meters. The flat holds a quite functional and virtual.

1-white bath

Bathroom light, makes use of the classic white tile. In the inside of the bathroom utilized narrow open shelves.

2-glass wall

The bathroom does not provide a huge bath, just a shower, which is fenced glass brick that appears very good.

3-built-in wardrobe

In the interior of the apartment have a large amount of shelves the place you can hide all factors, clothes, and add-ons. Deep down the cupboard plastered stunning wallpaper with huge blooms.

4-black mirror

Cabinet beautiful, presentable on the one hand, he bears the shade of wood, on the other side of the door plastered with a mirror that expands the space and makes and emphasizes fashion. Sliding doors in the wardrobe.

5-small table

Workplace little but very compact. Table from IKEA produces weightless by means of glass prime, which makes the table not bulky. Standing subsequent to a white chair. All around the table there is a created-in shelves in white, where there are accessories, candles and other accessories.


The sleeping accommodation is located in a little partition, which is a bed to produce a cozy and a separate zone, the wall was hung with vibrant blue wallpaper with a painting that captivates with its principles.


Sleeper little, and so there is ionized lighting. The bed is straightforward and pleasant.

9-small living room

The living way is separated with a kitchenette, a sofa is the separation zone that apart the kitchen, living space and sleeping region.


The kitchen delivers a dining table, upside is black, white kitchen, and quite contrasting, apron kitchen plastered with white tiles, countertop with walnut shade. Left wall has a brick wall.

11-one room 12-white furniture 13-white tile 14-comfortable studio

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