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Da Residence by Igor Sirotov Architects

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Da Home is a visualization designed by Igor Sirotov Architect‏s.

The interior has an industrial truly feel to it, with broad open spaces and concrete surfaces.

Da Property by Igor Sirotov Architect‏s:

“The residence is positioned on the plain of the Black Sea coast. Its region helps make 350 sq.m. (3,770 sq.ft). The home has one particular floor + garage on 2 automobiles in a cellar.

The inhabited part consists of a kitchen-dining space, a bedroom, children’s, wardrobe and 3 bathrooms.

In the adjacent territory the pool with a recreation region in the open air is found.

The picture of the home is cast by Japanese architecture, and standard and modern. Dominating resources as properly as constantly in my tasks – concrete, a tree and glass by indicates of which I try to generate a cosiness and heat. Artificial light plays not the final position – its function to open richness of the invoice of the components picked by me.

Uncommon element of the residence is the transparent ceiling of garage which is a floor of a corridor of inhabited part of the property. In contrast to a quiet and pacifying scenario in a drawing space – here will capture a couple of spirit.”

Renderings courtesy of Igor Sirotov Architects

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