Cozy apartment in Brooklyn

1-beautiful yard

This cozy apartment in Brooklyn, produced in a loft design, utilised in interior stunning brick walls, antique furniture. The mansion is filled with paintings and lovely paintings, such an apartment owned by artists.

2-bright kids room

Each and every area is nicely thought-out, all the rooms are very neat and cleaned. This apartment is positioned in Dumbo, in which the beautiful new home. This location is usually a festival of art, plenty of contemporary ar2rk that in no way associated with the owners of the apartments, which are pedants.

3-beautiful bedroom

Apartment Interior believed more than prolonged and a really expensive materials used, and also was done with deliberate modifications.

4-bright lamp

The apartment owners have come up and manufactured stunning and shining interiors, apartment became much more spacious accommodations for households. Also for the child was developed young children’s area.

5-big chair

The kitchen is modest, but the area with residing room, adjacent to the kitchen has massive windows that overlook the several daylight. Kitchen done in bright colours, upper cabinets with light gray doors.

6-beautiful patterns on chairs

Beautiful furnishings in the interior really complements the interior of all apartments. For illustration, a residing room, a troll and a reduced table, countertop manufactured underneath dark and gray stone. Close to the table are upholstered chairs in white with beautiful black drawings.

7-beautiful carpet

Despite the small dimension of the kitchen in gray, wood floor in the kitchen and quite comfy striped carpet.

8-gray kitchen

The kitchen has a big breakfast bar, which is situated near the cooker hood is really reduced, which does not enable the excess fat to circulate on the living room and settle on the walls.

9-pink chairs

The interior is very interesting sliding doors on the wall that of open room linked to the bathroom and anytime you can be alone.

10-the big picture

The residing area is also a relaxed sofa dark colour, flanked by classic lamp beside the coffee table.

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