Cosy and vibrant apartment in Paris

1-beautiful pattern

Pleasant and cozy apartment are situated in Paris, each and every space possesses an exciting and person property, dozens of vivid accents. The within utilizes a fantastic figure of photographs, specially the diamond-shaped. The bathroom is spacious, long. Thither is a shower and there is a toilet. Founded colours beige with dark brownish gloss.

1-beautiful table

The residing room holds a simple shade scheme of gray. Furnishings in the interior completely matched with innovative flair. Sofas and fabric cushions have rumpled visual appeal. The interior employs the brilliant red furnishings and add-ons with red accents.

2-Spacious bedrooms

The bedroom is massive and spacious, also has artificial windows that overlook the room complementary colour. The sleeping area holds a developed-in niche exactly where there are paintings, books. On the edges of the bed are the identical tables with lamps.

3-kitchen in minimalist style

Kitchen in a number of color schemes, there are black and blank, beige and black, which can make and kitchen perform, and is extremely practical for cooking, and sensible for clay. Kitchen has only lower cabinets.

5-black chalk board

Kitchen interior has a vivid wall with lovely diamonds in the semblance of the kitchen, there are black, white and brown, flawlessly matched to the furniture. Also, there is a board for drawing with chalk. Above the table is a massive black chandelier, which resembles a large cast iron bay window.

5-built-in shelves

Cozy and vivid region beside the window is projected for your comfort and ease. Colours quiet, dark turquoise blends perfectly with the wooden panels that lined the Christmas tree. Near the window is a yellow sofa.

6-red living room

The living room holds a big sofa and a extended red long table red for contrast and stand near the black chairs, which accept the frame back.

7-convenient table in the arch 8-ed accessories

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