Connaught Residence by naturehumaine

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Connaught Residence was made by naturehumaine and it is located in Montreal, Canada.

The minimalist design and style tends to make use of simplicity to generate a serene and harmonious interior.

Connaught Residence by naturehumaine:

“The modifying wants of a expanding family triggered the full reconfiguration and extension of their current 1950 concrete property. They wished a modern extension that would harmonize with the modern day spirit of the original property.

The extension fills the void developed by the split level of the present residence and is capped on both side with generous glazing. The residing locations of the ground floor are distributed around a central core that has grow to be the new focal level of the property. The new master bedroom discovered on the the second floor is secluded from the children’s bedrooms and accessed by a glass catwalk spanning the entrance of the house.”

Photos by: Adrien Williams

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