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Casa Cda De Cortés by DCPP Arquitectos

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Positioned in San Luis Potosí, México, Casa Cda. de Cortés was developed by DCPP Arquitectos.

The task was finished in 2011 and covers an area of 3,500 square feet.

Casa Cda De Cortés by DCPP Arquitectos:

“Cerrada de Cortes is a residential project located in San Angel, south of Mexico City. The plot has a rectangular form and its dimensions are 13 x 36 meters (43 x 118 feet).

The major notion for the home was to produce an open area on the ground floor for all the public routines, with the chance of creating a series of diverse configurations.

This space is usually in direct relation with the exterior, and has its counterpart in the upper degree which hosts the personal region which at the same time defines the space.

We sought to have the best exterior spot feasible often associated to the public location with a covered transitional area.

The project was solved leaving the ground floor free of charge of framework, generating a constant and transparent room which is in constant dialogue with the exterior. A covered terrace operates as the space in among within and outside.

The private location is concentrated in the upper level which can make this space have a particular configuration. This room is more defined and operates as the house’s construction.”

Pictures by: Onnis Luque

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