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25 Original Ideas “New Lifestyle Of Previous Boxes”


Old issues can be healed by a new, sufficient to present a little imagination and be inventive and a minor imagination. For you, we have gathered 25 exciting concepts of how you can apply the outdated boxes for the interior since they can serve as a stunning shelf exactly where you can spot objects.


Boxes can be linked to each and every other and together create the overall composition, they can be linked together or hang close.


Within the box, and can be embellished with outdated pictures or lovely vintage wallpaper or fabric.


From the previous boxes of the identical size can be desirable to generate a long shelf. Enough to make out 1 by one particular, and place a variety of objects.

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For ladies you can make gorgeous shelves for jewelry, rings and other accessories for ladies.

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Outdated drawers can be employed in the kitchen, it’s a very value-efficient selection and not so expensive, you can arrange the boxes in a beautiful bowl.

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Can update an previous box by painting it a different color and the manage can be connected to a belt, which can serve as a handle as an alternative.


Of the several boxes you can make beautiful shelves in the living room, you can pick up beautiful blond shelves of distinct sizes, and place add-ons, and place a lovely vase, and cast their preferred books.


The original thought, shelf painted in vivid red color, alternatively of a stunning vase to use mono and cute little glass, and the glass vase, beautiful and fastened the hooks of the forks that you can handle oneself.

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