10 vibrant and intriguing fixtures


Lovely Lama reminds the whole planet of the solar technique, provided that it is achievable to learn the attractiveness of this vicinity. This assortment was produced by the design studio Lievore Altherr Molina.

2-blue white bulb

Gorgeous lamp with lampshade is created from sweet dear mother, visually it looks like the material, the materials utilised – porcelain. When you flip on the lamp, lamp shade gets translucent look.

3-curved lines

This beautiful lamp was created by the Czech society. She is a vibrant glass tube that gold and glass. These tubes are drawn by hand, with stunning transparent crystal.

4-curved lines

This fascinating chandelier made of nickel, it is constructed in the form of sea lace, small lamp shades resemble uncurled tail of yarn.


Beautiful and smooth style lamps seem quite boring, and resembles natural light. This lamp was produced by designers Torbjorn Anderssen and Espen Fall.

6-beautiful lamp

Over the desk lamps adorn interesting that resemble interesting bells that made designer Sebastian Erkner. These lamps are constructed from supplies such as copper, material, aluminum, and brass are taken in.

Scacchetti Fuori Salone 2011

Exciting layout lamps that resemble stones, vibrant and gorgeous, they are also related to candy. This collection was developed by designer Massimiliano Fuksas and Doriana.

8-dark lamp

The lamp has an exciting view, glass lampshade made of quartz, this lamp allows you to modify the brightness. Designed lamp designer Kiki van Eijk.

9-classic lamp

The lamp is made in a traditional fashion, utilized in offices and workplaces. Composition: Brass. This lamp remains well-liked in the 1800s. Ron Gilad up to date layout lamp, and produced it a new a single.

10-beautiful sticks

This lamp has a non-standard type, it reminds crossword, which consists of vertical and horizontal lines. A chandelier made of metal branches, it is not only the chandelier, but also a lovely image for the wall.

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