Chill out in Luxury: Wanda Bathtub by Antonio Lupi

Unwind In Luxury: Wanda Bathtub By Antonio Lupi

Imagine a excellent day of rest: absolute calm and quiet, possibly only broken by the faint strain of your preferred soothing music.  A amazing drink in a single hand, your favourite guide in the other with just adequate light to study, and the scent of scattered flower petals filling the room.  You are immersed in an overflowing bubble bath of warm water that drains all the tightness from your muscle tissues.  Is it the picture of a posh spa?  It does not have to be you can have the ultimate luxurious encounter in your quite personal bathroom, any time you require quiet pampering.  The Wanda Bathtub by designers Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri serves one particular goal: to supply the atmosphere for complete peace and comfort.

wanda 1 Relax in Luxury: Wanda Bathtub by Antonio Lupi

Wanda freestanding tub

wanda 2 Relax in Luxury: Wanda Bathtub by Antonio Lupi

Wanda tub by Antonio Lupi

The Wanda bathtub by Antonio Lupi, fosters a luxury spa knowledge by means of its clean, flowing lines and ergonomic layout.  Even in low candlelight, the bathtub catches and reflects a glow across its curved surface with as considerably limitless visual appeal as the rippling water it holds.  The illusion is that of a bathtub that harmonizes and blends flawlessly with its setting, inviting you to sink down and into the tall, sloping backrest that eliminates stress and stress in moments.

wanda 5 Relax in Luxury: Wanda Bathtub by Antonio Lupi

Wanda bathtub – add sophistication to your bathroom

The bathtub’s simplicity belies its size: 2 can get pleasure from the spacious design.  Extra to your bathroom, the Wanda Bathtub will draw attention to itself and welcome you right after a lengthy day.  Slim chrome hardware completes the minimalist look.

Won’t your relaxing baths consider on a new that means in the lovely Wanda Bathtub?

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