Using Polka Dots In Super Chic Ways

Making Use Of Polka-Dots In Super Chic Ways

Polka-dots are largely associated with youngsters and girlish, feminine touches. And that’s real! They are adorable and they wonderful in nurseries and adorning tiny girl’s rooms. But, when employed appropriately, they can also be super chic, trend-forward and easily ready to spruce up lots of different spaces in unsuspecting, uncommon approaches. Get a peek at all the fantastic ways employing polka-dots can add a contemporary, modern spin on your residence!

Subtle Accent Walls

Subtle Accent Walls Using Polka Dots In Super Chic Ways

In calming shades, polka dots not only give a wall texture, but depth and interest. Wild, vibrant colors may just make the wall appear also juvenile. But with the easiness of a hazy grey or a powdery blue, you’ll have a sophisticated look  that not only compliments your space, this kind of as your residence workplace or foyer, but brings surprising bit of style that wasn’t there just before.

Pops of Pillows

Polka Dot Throw Pillows Using Polka Dots In Super Chic Ways

If you just want an extra pop with out all the fuss, jazz up your chic bed or sofa with a couple of polka-dot throw pillows. Make confident they’re in a classic shade combination like black or white to match that modern theme, and then just layer them on! They’ll produce a great bit of style-worthy burst!

Tiny But Mighty

Small Polka Dot Furniture Using Polka Dots In Super Chic Ways

Modest polka-dot prints have a way of currently being really effective. They don’t always overtake a space but add a force that can make them unable to disregard. They become the focal level of a room, which is excellent when you have a slick breakfast nook, with a chocolate bench-sofa covered in creamy dots! It’s a delicate, but may well search that’s perfect for a suave and chic residence.

Wispy and Light

Light Polka Dot Curtains Using Polka Dots In Super Chic Ways

Occasionally, even the most stylish and “perfect” spaces want a little lift and light. With some sheer, wispy curtains you’ll not only give the space a delicate, airy touch but with a sprinkle of polka-dots you’ll still be including something eclectic and unique to your contemporary space. Don’t be shy of the girlishness, it’ll only generate far more curiosity inside the room!

Lots of Textural Tiles

Contemporary Tile Bathroom Using Polka Dots In Super Chic Ways

Yes, even the kids’ bathroom can be chic. With these penny-like tiles covering every surface the area has texture but also, the illusion of a more substantial area. It’s special, it’s futuristic and easily transformed into a guest bathroom with grownup-inspired, modern flair.

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