Made for One more Planet: The Zenovitch Chandelier

Created For Another Globe: The Zenovitch Chandelier

This structured chandelier was initially created for a faraway location in Istanbul, Turkey.  The Home Hotel Galatasaray is packed with the magic of this gateway city among the East and West.  Quietly perched amidst the hills and cobbled streets of the Beyoglu neighborhood, the architecture and character of the Galatasaray is what keeps weary travelers returning time and time yet again.  Such neighborhood shade and character demands a chandelier to match the environment, and that is how the Zenovitch Chandelier enters the picture.

zenovitch 1 Designed for Another World: The Zenovitch Chandelier

Zenovitch Chandelier by Autoban

zenovitch 3 Designed for Another World: The Zenovitch Chandelier

Zenovitch Chandelier

Autobahn developed this graceful, curved Zenovitch Chandelier by Autoban keeps the Hotel Galatasaray in thoughts, employing the hotel’s distinct traits to trend lighting that would embody Turkish hospitality and culture.  The tube-like rods, shiny brass fittings, and modest globe-shaped bulbs are unusual factors to most eyes, but they are a excellent modern interpretation of Turkey’s allure.  Now you can have the very exact same chandelier for your corner of the globe to develop anything specific and unique with flair the dramatic.

zenovitch 2 Designed for Another World: The Zenovitch Chandelier

Zenovitch Chandelier in your option of finishes

The influences of both East and West collide in one gorgeous light fixture with a basic enough type to be at property anyplace in the planet, and appropriate above your dining or residing space.  The warm glow that the Zenovitch Chandelier creates will illuminate your residence with a soft light much more akin to candles that present day electrical power, fostering a cozy area to get in touch with home.  Every single time you pass below its sweeping U-shaped curves, you will have a passing glimpse of existence in bustling Istanbul, complete of ancient history and present day activity.

Can you see the allure of Turkey in the Zenovitch Chandelier?

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