Window Property – Valencia, Spain by LADAA

The Window Residence gives keen perspective into what modern day dream home layout can be if you surrender to light and illusion. Made by LADAA, this incredible luxury dwelling is, in essence, a glass jewel box in which boundaries among within and out render invisible.

The rear entrance is reached by means of an elevated deck in which the sparkling pool with triple fountains in nestled into. 2 enormous lounging platform beds are constructed into the terrace and seem to be to gracefully hover above the water. The views alone from this palatial outdoor retreat are stunning–green mountains, lush trees and blue skies for miles.

With a backdrop of black-and-white and refined finishes, this residence resonates with a gleaming, virtually ethereal, elegance as one transitions from space to room. The idea of spaces becoming shared equally with the outdoors is gorgeous and occurs by means of the implementation of a plethora of glass panels and partitions all through the property.

What is intriguing is how the glass, whilst usually transparent, is also colored in pick spots. Consider the all-white bathroom popping with a sheet of fuchsia glass put in in the walk-in shower–love it! Or the enormous smoky glass panels: a couple protruding at the front entranceway and 1 as a partition wall in the master bedroom.

And it doesn’t cease there. Glazed balustrades, crystal chandeliers, custom glass cabinets, lacquered surfaces and a great ceiling fixture comprised of a panel of colored LED lights all produce a non-quit power and mesmerizing glow within this contemporary property.

An elongated “wing” of timer-clad terraces resides on the primary residing side of the house, where panels of glass encase these gathering, dining and lounging spaces. 2 sets of entirely retractable glass doors enable for this interaction with fresh air and nature, while a central void receives a mature palm tree piercing through its core–this component is practically nothing short of gorgeous!

Tucked into a hillside, Window Property is a luxury present day dream home boasting jaw-dropping reflections and refractions of light.


Posted by Suzanne at 2 December, 2013

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