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Virreyes by Kababie Arquitectos

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Virreyes is a personal residence produced by Kababie Arquitectos.

It is located in México City, México, and it covers an area of 9,150 square feet.

Virreyes by Kababie Arquitectos:

“The renovation of this residence was a quite exciting challenge. The original building has 2 ranges placed in a whole lot with an angle that demanded the very best of Kababie Architects talent, to remedy the spaces correctly in accordance to the functions.  The inhabitants of the house necessary a separate room to be utilised as an workplace and for this reason the entrance was segmented in 3 parts so every area of ​​the residence has a separate entrance.

To make a lot more evident the angle of the whole lot the facade was divided in 2. A single side was covered with slate quarry to develop a contrast of texture and color with the other side that has the garage doors. A little wooden door, in the exact same tone of beams of the first degree, is the entrance to the workplace.

In the house the spaces are generous and properly lit by huge windows that define all the living region. A wide hall leads into public regions where it stands out the use of leather, wood and glass in each the furniture and accessories. In the back of the home is a backyard the place a Jacuzzi was set up and there is also and spacious terrace to enjoy outside gatherings.

On the wall of the staircase that goes up to the 2nd degree a beam of light was put in to generate a certain ambiance. On the second degree the household room and a gym are found and the 2 get pleasure from privacy and magnificent views of the backyard. There are also the guest area and master bedroom, the 2nd a single with generous spaces, plus bathroom and separate dressing space. The colour palette picked for the complete venture is based on the supplies chosen and bold shade accents have been added in some locations.”

1st Degree
2nd Level

Pictures by: Allen Vallejo

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